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Three Things I’m Curious About #50

These paleoburrows created by Ice Age megafauna such as giant ground sloths. Somehow this really brings home how big these animals were.

Two men stand in the entrance to a perfectly round cave that has been carved through the rock.
Photo by Heinrich Frank via Discover.

Birds are pretty cool, with their pretty songs and bright feathers. And we all know what birds look like, right? Well, there are birds and then there is whatever is happening with the birds in this Twitter post. Like this long-wattled umbrella bird.

A black bird sits on a tree branch. A long column of feathers descends from its chin.
Photo by Francesco Veronesi, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Love this photo by Shibasish Saha which won Best Pattern in the Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest.

An aerial photo of a group of small boats. Each boat contains a colour life preserver.
Photo by Shibasish Saha via Smithsonian Magazine.

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