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    Wild About Humour

    What makes us laugh? Why does your dad think puns are the best thing ever? Why doesn’t anyone understand Gen-Z humour?  On the surface, understanding humour seems like a simple proposition—we see something…

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    Wild About Maps

    When was the last time you used a paper map? Years, probably. Or maybe never. Today, we rely on digital maps that come with built in directions and the ability to pull up…

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    Wild About Political Art

    All art is political. This truism of the art world seems especially valid as capitalism tries to wring the last dollar from every artist endeavour and AI hoovers up images to spit out…

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    Wild About Creativity

    Creativity is intelligence having fun. – Albert Einstein We often think of creativity as something that belongs to the arts, whether it be painting or writing or music. In reality, of course, creativity…

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    Wild About Colour

    What if I told you that colour doesn’t exist? First, a return to your elementary school science class might be helpful. When light hits objects around us, those objects absorb different frequencies. The…