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Three Things I’m Curious About #47

As a kid, I loved horses, so naturally, I always wanted to go to Sable Island. Today, I’m happy to live vicariously through amazing photographs, like these by Roberto Dutesco. But if you want to go, you can!

A black and white close up of a wild horse, its mane is long and tangled and blows in the wind.
‘I Am’ by Roberto Dutesco.

George Nakashima was considered one of the masters of American craft furniture. Today, his daughter Mira continues the tradition of making fine furniture.

Taken from a above, a wooden bench sits in front of a large glass window.
Conoid bench in walnut via George Nakashima Woodworkers.

Sometimes wildlife photography is more difficult that you might think.

A photographer lies on the ground, looking through a large camera. A cheetah sits beside him, looking intently at the camera.
Photo by Chris du Plessis.