Curiosity Cabinet

Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #40

These beautiful travel journals by Jose Naranja. They make me want to travel. Or make art. Or both.

An illustrated travel journal featuring watercolour illustrations of everyday objects.
Photo by Jose Naranja via Colossal

The discovery of this baffling new palm species (Pinanga subterranea) that has its flowers and fruit completely underground. Scientists have no idea how it is pollinated.

The underground fruits of the new palm species.
Photo via Royal Kew Botanical Gardens via The Guardian

What parent hasn’t had their children scribble on important work documents? Charles Darwin’s kids took it upon themselves to create these delightful drawings on the draft manuscript of the Origin of the Species.

A series of children's drawings featuring knights on horseback. There are five figures, labelled Carrot, Goosberry, Turnip, Pear, and Acorn.
Via the Journal of Art in Society on Twitter.