Curiosity Cabinet

Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #34

The lastest image from the James Webb Space Telescope shows details of an exploded star.

A photo from deep space showing the explosion of a star formation.
Cassiopeia A taken by the James Webb Space Telescope via NASA.

Sea pigs, a type of sea cucumber, discovered on a research expedition near Antarctica.

A man's open hand holds a translucent cream coloured oblong sea cucumber. The sea pig has several fleshy horns and is very plump looking.
A sea pig. Photo via Dr. Andrew Mahon on Twitter.

This Tiffany glass window which was rescued from demolition and then discovered by be a rare example of Tiffany’s work.

A circular stained glass window, featuring six identical segements in greens, blues, yellow, and purples around a central "rose" design.
Tiffany style rose window via Smithsonian magazine.