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Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #27

This Icelandic town where the residents rescue pufflings (baby puffins) every year.

Two children stand with their arms outstretched as they release two pufflings into the air.
Two children release rescued pufflings into the sky. Photo by Chris Linder via Smithsonian Magazine.

This graph by Robin Rohwer, featuring 1200 years of data charting cherry blossom bloomtimes in Japan. Never miss the cherry blossoms again.

These “liquid trees” developed by scientists in Serbia to fight air pollution. Algae are 10-50 times more efficient at removing air pollution than trees. Hopefully, these will be a cool addition to urban streets rather than a replacement for trees, however.

A flourescent green tank sits on a city street. The tank is framed with a modern design and has a bench for sitting.
Liquid trees in Belgrade, Serbia. Photo by Vladimir Zivojinovic via Newsweek.