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Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #11

Following on this week’s article about solarpunk, I’m captivated by this webcomic from author Ursula Vernon that imagines a different and hopeful future for the world. Be sure to read the entire thread.

A two panel comic strip. Panel 1 features a dystopian city and reads "In the early days after the collapse, we were too busy surviving ourselves to worry much about the wildlife."

Panel 2 is a sepia toned street scene that reads: "It wasn't that people didn't care, but just getting food and meds was so exhausting that we didn't have much left over for anything else."
By Ursula Vernon.

I love aerial photos, there’s something magical about seeing the world from above. These quilts by artist Linda Gass, take aerials photos and turn them into art.

A aerial scene shows an ocean at the top of the image and the grid of a city below. The scene is a quilt in blues and oranges.
Linda Gass, Dogpatch: the sea is rising, 2019. Photograph by Don Tuttle via the Museum of Craft and Design.

For centuries, artists drew horses like they were flying through the air, even after photography proved that wasn’t how horses gallop. Once again, be sure to read the entire thread.

Théodore Géricault’s Derby at Epsom

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