Wild About Newly Discovered Species

Every year scientists discover new species of animals and plants and 2022 is no exception. Some are discovered through exploration and fieldwork, while others are identified using DNA evidence. Whether they live in the jungles of the Amazon or the depth of the ocean, each new species adds to our understanding and wonder about the natural world.

Here are some of my favourite new species of 2022:

Photo by Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation & NOAA/The Guardian

This is a type of sea cucumber called the gummy squirrel (Psychropotes longicauda). There are so many weird things living at the bottom of the ocean that we’ve never seen before.

Photo by World Wildlife Fund

Or this, which is an entirely new species of monkey, the Popa langur (Trachypithecus popa), that was found in Myanmar. A new monkey! How wild is that?

Photo by Lucy Smith via Discover Wildlife

This new species of giant water lily (Victoria boliviana) was discovered through genetic analysis. It was right under our noses the entire time!

Photo by Eric Smith via Discover Wildlife

Newly discovered in Mexico, this spiny lizard (Sceloporus huichol) was discovered after reviewing museum collections.

Photo via Discover Wildlife

Sometimes, finding new species is about being lucky. This peat swamp tree (Disepalum rawagambut) came into flower as scientists were researching its habitat in Sumatra.

Dozens and sometimes hundreds of new species are discovered and catalogued every year, making it clear how much we still have to learn about the creatures that share our planet.


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  • 💬 Wild About Good News – This Wild Curiosity