Curiosity Cabinet

Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #16

This sculpture by Penny Hardy, titled You Blew Me Away. The energy and sense of longing in this piece is exquisite.

A sculpture sits on a hillside overlooking a rural landscape. The sculpture is made of rusted iron and shows a figure of a woman, tendrils stretch out behind her as it she is being blown away by the wind.
Photo via Street Art Utopia.

The World Cup of Random English Words. Begun as a joke on Twitter (as some of the best things do), this votedown of 4,096 random English words culminated in the declaration of a winner on New Year’s Eve: shenanigans.

A word cloud of 1000 of the words from the World Cup of Random English Words. The most prominent words are Flibbertigibbet, Noggin, Codswallop, Shenanigans, Bollocks, Rhubarb, Discombobulate, and Balderdash.
Word cloud via Lev Parikian

The world’s oldest terrarium, which was planted by David Latimer in 1960 and hasn’t been watered since 1972.

A man in his 70s holds a large bottle terrarium. The terrarium is filled with vegetation and the bottle is closed with a stopper.
Photo via Nature of Home.