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    Wild About Colour

    What if I told you that colour doesn’t exist? First, a return to your elementary school science class might be helpful. When light hits objects around us, those objects absorb different frequencies. The…

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    Wild About Mary Pratt

    At first glance, Mary Pratt’s paintings are warm and inviting—casual glimpses into everyday domesticity captured through still life representations of bowls of fruit and jars of jam. Look closer and a less bucolic…

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    Wild About Public Art

    Public art can take many forms, from murals to sculptures to land art and even ephemeral light and video displays. Public art brings our cities and communities to life, adding vibrancy and reflecting…

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    Wild About Natural Forms

    For as long as we have created art, we have incorporated representations of the natural world into our works. From prehistoric cave paintings in France to petroglyphs in North America, depictions of animals…

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    Wild About Solarpunk

    What if we imagined a better future? And more than that, what if we brought it to life? This is exactly what solarpunk asks us to do—to set aside dystopian, catastrophic visions of…