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Three Things I’m Curious About #54

Cats think they’re perfect and an evolutionary biologist explains why they might actually be right. Evolutionarily speaking, cats have evolved a set of characteristics that work exactly as they need them to. But your cat already knew that.

A close up of a cat's face.
Shagil Kannur, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Scientists have discovered a new electric blue tarantula species. Blue is a very rare colour in the wild, making this species all the more notable.

A large spider lifts its forelegs, which are a bright blue colour.
Chilobrachys natanicharum. Photo by Narin Chomphuphuang via Smithsonian magazine.

Rising sea levels not only threaten humans, but also wildlife. Artist Lisa Ericson showcases these impacts in her exhibit Doom and Gloom.

A painting of a red fox perching on top of a tree stump as flood waters rise around it. The top of the stump is covered with wildflowers.
Edge of Night by Lisa Ericson via Colossal.