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Three Things I’m Curious About #49

I always think of mind-bending optical illusions when it comes to MC Escher’s artwork, but this work, entitled Puddle, from 1952, is beautiful in a different way – while still bending the rules.

A drawing of a puddle in the middle of a path. Reflected in the water is an optical illusion of trees.
Puddle, MC Escher, 1952. Via Wikiart.

I was entranced by this story of unravelling the mystery of why a pedestrian walkway was built to cross the I-494 in Minneapolis.

Atlas Obscura is a great site that features some of the strangest places and stories in the world and now they have an online map featuring all their sites. Now’s your chance to find something weird near you.

A map of the world showing geolocations of different sites.