Curiosity Cabinet

Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #41

This geologic map of the moon produced by the US Geological Survey. Now there’s a way to learn about all the craters and other features we can see on the moon’s surface.

A geologic map of the moon. Different geological features are highlighted in blue, green, yellow, and red.

This beautiful artwork by Native American artist Marlena Myles, which is part of the Dakota Sacred Hoop Walk at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

A digital art piece is projected in a dome above a shallow amphitheatre. The artwork features an Indigenous woman, dressed in a traditional blue outfit surrounded by other figures.
Photo by Marlena Myles via Twitter.

The Ukrainian botanists who risked their lives to rescue the Kherson Herbarium. More than plant specimens, herbariums document the changes to local ecology.

Scientists load boxes of herbarium samples into the back of a cube van.
Photo by Ivan Moisienko via Wired.