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Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #22

These beautiful mirror orchids (Ophrys speculum). Found in the Mediterranean, like many orchids, this species is pollinated by a single species of wasp.

Small blue orchid flowers. The outer edge of the flower is fuzzy and brown, while the interior of the petals are a brilliant, mirror-like blue color.
Mirror orchid, photo by Matt Berry via Twitter.

There has rightfully been a lot of discussion about the role of AI and how it will influence artistic and literary endeavours. I’m fascinated about the intersection of AI and design, like with these AI generated vintage-style cameras, created by Mathieu Stern. I could do without the deceptive backstory, though.

A vintage style box camera that is decorated in an art nouveau style with goal overlay of leaves and flowers.
AI generated camera design by Mathieu Stern via PetaPixel.

This medieval ship, which is being reassembled like the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle in Wales.

An archeaological excavation showing the interior structure of a large wooden ship. An archeaologist removes silt from the bottom of the ship with a large vacuum.
Newport medieval ship via The Guardian.

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