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Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #20

The unique colouring of these pseudomelanistic zebras. Unfortunately, these ununusal patterns may be caused by inbreeding due to habitat destruction and seem to make it harder for the individuals to survive in the wild.

A baby zebra stands beside its mother. Rather than the usual stripes, the baby is dark brown with a white polkadot pattern.
Photo by Yasuyoshi Chiba via CBC

This online citizen science project where you can help protect burrowing owls by classifying images from wildlife cameras.

Two burrowing owls caught by a wildlife camera outside their burrow.
Photo from Wildwatch Burrowing Owl Project.

These pictographs from the SerranĂ­a de la Lindosa site in the Colombian Amazon that date back at least 12,000 years. Included in the drawings that stretch meters overhead are drawings of extinct ice ages species including elephants, sloths, and ice-age horses.

A cliff face features numerous rock art images in red ochre. The drawings are tightly packed together and extend many meters upwards.
Photo by Marie-Claire Thomas/Wild Blue Media via The Guardian