Curiosity Cabinet

Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #18

This handcut artwork by Thea Reid (Untitled, Blue Fence). The combination of paint and cut-outs almost produces an optical illusion while still being grounded in the world around us. Marvelous.

This analysis of direction and road type for major US cities (click through for full image) by Erin Davis. I love the contrast between cities who have set directions and those that are complete chaos.

An infographic showing a series of compass circles for different American cities. Each circle features a different type of road (avenue, drive, boulevard, road, street, terrace, place, court, and way). Within each circle, the north-south orientation of that road type is indicated. Each circle is a different colour.
City Street Network Orientation by Road Type by Erin Davis.

Zecchi, an Italian art supply shop that sells Renaissance period-appropriate pigments and art supplies. Who doesn’t love a display of carefully arranged colours?

A display of multi-coloured paint pigments in carefully labelled glass jars.
Coloured pigments in Zecchi. Photo by Massimo Zecchi via Artsy.