Curiosity Cabinet

Three Things I’m Curious About This Week #17

These photographs that show the abundance of life in a single drop of seawater.

A macro photograph of a drop of water. Inside are dozens of tiny orange crustaceans.
Photo by Angel Fitor via Smithsonian Magazine.

Moving from tiny to large, this photo of Pluto was taken by the New Horizons spacecraft in 2016, but it’s still remarkable. Look at the detail of everyone’s favourite not-planet.

A photo showing half of Pluto. Distinct craters and other geographical features are clearly visible. The surface of the planet is coloured in shades of red, blue, and grey.
Photo via NASA.

This glass mural by Louis Comfort Tiffany, entitled The Dream Garden, is made from more than 100,000 pieces of glass.

A mural is set within a marble recess. It is the height of the ceiling and three times as long. It features trees, mountains, with Greco-Roman statuary in the foreground.
The Dream Garden by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Photo by Maxfield Parrish, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons